Vox Magazine - photo editor

worked with a team of art directors, designers, managing editors, and student text editors to produce a city magazine in Columbia, Missouri.

Wayfaring Strangers

Vox magazine - feature

photographer, writer: Robert Langellier

additional photos provided by Shayna Klee and Liz Pierson

designer: Tiffany Choi

This feature's challenge was the lack of photos that reflected the content of the story. Instead of using a photo illustration shoot which ended up being repetitive and unable to carry a feature, we got photographs from the actual hitchhiking trip in the story. The feeling was messy, noisy, and created a mood which the art department augmented with loose, expressive illustrations.

Gospel Roots

Vox magazine - feature

photographer: Alex Scott

designer: Lauren Elliott

Life Along the Katy

Vox magazine - feature 

photographer: Shelby Feistner

designer: Tiffany Choi

At Home on Horseback

Vox magazine - feature

photographer: Shannon Elliott

writer: Teddy Nykiel

As unfortunately happens at a magazine that has a high staff turnover rate, this story came through production with a lack of art. This allowed us to photograph the subject, Karin Loftin, with her horse. Showing this small slice of activity from the wider scope of Loftin's life lent itself well to helping the feature flow cohesively, and was able to be produced on a shorter timeframe.

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